Dental Health - QLD Section

QCoal Community Dental Service is on its way

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) has teamed up with QCoal to improve access to dental care in regional communities in Central Queensland.

The RFDS dental team is delivering dental care from a purpose-built semi-trailer that visits towns around Central Queensland. It offers preventative care as well as treatment for a range of conditions at no cost to the client.

What is the QCoal Community Dental Service?

The QCoal Community Dental Service is a mobile dental health service delivered by the RFDS in partnership with QCoal.

It is delivered by RFDS dentists and dental assistants and includes an orthopantomogram, which enables the dentists to take a full x-ray of the teeth and jaw. There is no out-of-pocket expense to clients using this service.

Where does the service visit?


Who is the service for?

The service is available to everyone and can be accessed by people living or working within and around the communities visited by the service. If you live in Clermont, Bowen or Moranbah and currently see a local private dentist we encourage you to continue to access that service. However, anyone in pain or experiencing an emergency is treated by our dental team.

What dental services are on offer?

The QCoal Community Dental Service offers a simple check and clean through to an extraction or x-ray. This dental service provides:

  • Oral health maintenance.
  • Treatment for acute and pre-existing conditions.
  • Treatment for gum disease.

This service provides treatment at no cost to clients. Please bring your Medicare Card or private health insurance fund details. Any services the QCoal Community Dental Service is unable to provide will be referred to an appropriate service provider. This service includes dentures and prosthetics.

How do I make a booking?

To book an appointment, please phone 1800 002 507. 


Why is good dental health so important?

Research has shown clear links between poor oral health and general health. Gum disease is associated with rheumatoid arthritis, adverse pregnancy outcomes and coronary heart disease. Chronic gum infection can also lead to diabetes complications.

Oral health is the second-most expensive disease group in Australia, with direct treatment costs of over $6 billion a year and additional care costs exceeding a further $1 billion. Despite the fact that oral diseases are largely preventable, dental admissions are the highest cause of acute preventable hospital admissions in Australia.

Around 80% of all dental practitioners are located in major cities with less than one per cent working in remote areas.

Research has also shown people living outside capital cities have fewer teeth, more untreated decay and were less likely to visit a dentist.

Waiting lists of up to 18 months for public dental care mean that the focus ends up being on acute treatment rather than the prevention of disease and maintenance of health.

The QCoal Community Dental Service is helping people to achieve better overall health by treating a range of dental conditions and focusing on preventative oral health.


Service excludes: removable denture construction or maintenance; fixed prosthetics; orthodontic treatment (initial examination excepted); implants; gingival and mucosal grafts; alveolectomy; zygoma or jaw fractures; surgery involving salivary glands or ducts; occlusal therapy; and difficult third molar surgery.

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