Education & Training

The RFDS has always been committed to reducing shortages of health practitioners in remote and rural Australia. To this end, the RFDS supports the training and education of medical, nursing and allied health students and provides student placements under set agreements with several universities.

Involvement of students is encouraged and the RFDS strongly supports the inclusion of rural and remote issues, Indigenous health and multi-disciplinary practice in health curricula.

The RFDS also supports universities and organisations involved in the training and education of students and other health professionals.

In some Operating Sections, RFDS operates a specific education/training program focused on increasing the skills of health professionals working in the rural and remote context.

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Staff professional development

The RFDS is committed to the ongoing professional development of staff and supports employees to attend approved study leave activities according to professional requirements.

The RFDS also supports staff who wish to present papers at relevant conferences and publish articles in peer reviewed journals.