B Braun Compact Syringe Driver

The B Braun Perfusor Compact Syringe Drive is a lightweight, battery-operated infusion pump that infuses fluids from a 50ml syringe at a controlled rate. B Braun Compact Med

The accurate infusion of drugs at a precise rate is essential for patients transported by the RFDS. These units are are particularly useful for the very potent drugs used in many critical care cases. These may include drugs such as inotropes (Adrenaline, Noradrenaline ad Dopamine), paralyzing agents (such as Vecuronium) and anaesthetic agents (such as Propofolo).

Many patients are receiving more than one infusion at a time and can have three or four syringe drivers connected.

Syringe drivers are also used when we wish to deliver small volumes of intravenous fluids (for example, only 3-5mLs per hour) to babies and infants.

These syringes drivers are particularly suited to medical retrieval due to their compact size and very long battery life (up to 80 hours) on just four AA batteries.

Approximate cost: $2,500